I’m Aleks Molcanov, game artist.


  1. Natural Sciences, Jenny Nyströmsskolan, Kalmar. Graduated May 2007
  2. Military service, Göta Engineers, ING2 Eksjö. Finished November 2009
  3. Digital Graphics, Playgroundsquad, Falun. Graduated May 2012


My dream is to be a lead artist or art director in a small studio. I want to decide the final look of a game, setting direction for art, and create new and interesting styles not seen before by gamers.


  1. English: fluent
  2. Swedish: fluent
  3. Russian: fluent


  • Autodesk Maya and Mudbox
  • Pixologic Zbrush
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Unreal Development Kit, Unity 3d
  • Hansoft Project Manager


  1. Paradox Interactive – Internship. I painted loadingscreens, some cover art, and even some concept art for games as Crusader Kings 2, Sword of Islam, Europa Universalis.
  2. GoExcellent Kalmar, customer service. Customer support on both technical and payment issues, for Canal Digital sattelite TV service. Ended autumn 2010, to start studying digital graphics.
  3. Krögers Kalmar, short order cook.

About me

Born in Lithuania, 1988. Moved to Sweden 1998.
I’m a big fan of computer and video games.
3d modeling, painting and making games are among my hobbies.

My favourite part of game development is pre-production an UV-mapping.

Download my CV



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