Making some stuff for the mobile strategy game.
These dudes will form units of 3, move around the map shooting stuff with their SMGs, and smashing tanks with their powerhammers.
The shading is pure vertex colors. The texture is a 2×2 pixel square. The left side of the texture is used for team color and is picked by selecting a team-specific material for the unit by the game engine. The white half of the texture is where all the grey stuff goes, and where the muzzleflashes are placed on the UV map. This way the team color won’t be added into the muzzleflash color.

Videos of that dude:

Let’s make some custom stuff for Dota 2! Skeleton King is a character that looks super cool, but has not many custom items. I’m thinking of making some stuff.
Two sets maybe: one where he’s just “risen from the grave”, and an other where he’s the “rightful ruler of Undeadville”.

Some more 3d, challenging myself to make character art with Zbrush.
Concept by Kekai Kotaki, for GuildWars2.

Work in progress

Painting again.

I want to be as good as Frank Frazetta